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Six Winter plants to spot of your lockdown walks

For the hardy, who have layered up their clothing and waterproof boots, there is a lot of new life in the countryside – even in the middle of January. In this blog we are taking a look at six plants that you should be able to spot, growing wild in your local area that herald the brighter days that lie ahead.

‘Meet the Peckham’s’ – A new Sparrowhawk family during lockdown 2020

Back in the early spring, I spotted the female Sparrowhawk in my garden. She was perched on a branch in the conifers that divide my garden from the neighbours. She was preening herself, presumably having just had a meal.

A couple of days later, I noticed the usual cacophony of sound from the local sparrows stopped as they all quickly dived into the hedges around the garden. I looked around and saw a male Sparrowhawk, perched high in the apple tree and beautifully silhouetted against the morning sky.


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